Black Creek Faith Community

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15 Tobermory Drive
Box 108
M3N 2R5
416 326-1840

Amy & Clayton Kuepfer

Black Creek Faith Community was born in 1993. We are a small church, with a chapel in a high-rise building that is home to over 1,200 people from at least 50 countries. In the heart of Jane/Finch community we minister in a culturally diverse community with various socio-economic backgrounds. Our chaplaincy, through outreach, visitation, and many programs, provide support, encouragement, and spiritual guidance in #15 Tobermory and the surrounding neighborhood.

Our desire is to support and encourage one another on our faith journeys, to care for our children, and to teach God's ways. It is our prayer that we can reach out to all seeking solace in their faith journey, and that our church will be a place of welcome for everyone.


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