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Emmanuel Fellowship 以馬內利團契


May God be with you! Emmanuel fellowship is similar to a “career fellowship” which consists of brothers and sisters who have joined the work force. We meet regularly on the first, third and fourth Friday of each month. Our programs consist of Bible figure presentation workshops, bible studies and sharing programs.

Our brothers and sisters will take turn to present a bible figure of their interest and we learn from that bible figure through his or her unique character, spiritual journey, strengths and weaknesses and relationship with God. Some of the bible figures we have presented included Peter and John.

The contents of our bible studies are based on 14 appointments with God. Each appointment is a session to examine a particular topic, using various related bible passages and case studies for discussion eg. “Time to Talk - Prayer”, “Solid Rock – Obedience”, “Don’t Give In – Temptation”.

Our sharing programs are times where brothers and sisters can freely share their thoughts and opinions on a pre-set topic. There are times when we need to do a little “homework” and research on the topic for discussion. Other times, the topic will be light and carefree. The topics we have discussed before included “war and peace”, “female figures in the bible”, “goals for the new year” and “any topic of your interest”.

In addition to the core program, we also have a time for singspiration, devotion and sharing as well as prayer meeting during our fellowship.

The fourth Friday of each month is our cell group activity time. We have a wide range of fun cell group activities from dinner gatherings, bowling, karaoke, movie night to BBQ, winter camp, ski trips and sightseeing tours.

Our fellowship is also involved with our church ministries like the Yee Hong Worship on the first Saturday morning of every month.

If all these sound interesting to you or you would like to learn more about our fellowship, please do not hesitate to contact us at our church telephone number or email address. We welcome you to be a part of our family!