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十月十四日 晚上六時正 ,本堂舉行主題是 “ 跨越文化的信仰” 培靈會,教會鼓勵弟兄姊妹踴躍參加,詳情請聯絡覃開信弟 兄 , 講員: 王占臣傳道。


Wideman Mennonite Church 於十月十五日慶祝一百九十週年紀念, 早上10:30 感恩祟拜, 晚上7:30 詩歌欣賞歡迎各位參加,詳情可聯絡巫傳道。


  • 九月十七日 ( 主日) 舉行十六週年感恩培靈崇拜,講員為本堂顧問宋榮祐牧師。主題為“ 成義之道— 恩典與信心” 。時間是早上十一時正。崇拜後有茶点款 待 。歡迎各位邀約親友参加,同頌上主深恩。


  • 教會夏令時間在九月十日結束,崇拜時間改回早上十一點正開始,主日學新學年也在該主日早上九時四十五分開學。成人主日學共有二班,新約班由巫君衡傳道帶領;舊約班由馮鳴莊弟兄帶領查考但以理書。每月第一主日學合班,由宋牧師主講 “ 這是我們的信仰” 。教會鼓勵弟兄姊妹踴躍報名參加。


  • 主日學於七月八月放假,由七月二日 ( 主日) 起。主日崇拜時間改在早上十時半開始,請會眾留意。


July 16 - Concering Day - The semi-annual all-congregation meeting will be held after Sunday Worship.


June 18 - Joint Sunday Worship - We will have a joint Sunday Worship with the Hagerman Church in Willowgrove Park. Please prepare pot luck for the lunch so that we can all enjoy a picnic under the summer sun!


June 3 - "Worship Duty" Workshop "崇拜事奉須知" 專題講座 - Rev. Winfred Soong will host a workshop about how to serve properly in Sunday Worship. We welcome anyone with duties in Sunday Worship to participate in this workshop, in order to understand why and how to serve. Time 7:30 pm.

May 27 - Church Cleaning Day - This year we will have all 3 congregations (MCMC, Hagerman and Tamil) to clean up the church together! It is a prefect time to get rid of the junks and get ready for the summer. Of course, it is a good time to go outdoors and meet new people from the other congregations. Time: 10 am - 2 pm.

May 14 - Family Worship - We will have the Family Fellowship in charge of the Sunday Worship. Also, there will be a Children Dedication event.
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September 24 - Garage Sale and Fun Day - Hagerman Church and MCMC joined together to have a garage sale and fun day. We goal is to raise fund for refugee sponsorship program and 2006 summer camp. Also, there was a BBQ lunch and a mini concert. Thanks God we have raised more than $560 for both churches.
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September 11 - MCMC 15th Anniversary - On September 10, we have held a Revival Meeting at the church, also we have dinner together and a video presentation. On the next day, we have over 100+ people in Sunday worship to witness Mandy's baptism and membership transfer ceremony.
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June 19 - MCMC and Hagerman Outdoor Worship - MCMC and HMC have a joined outdoor worship at Willowgrove today. MCMC also held its first outdoor baptism. Thanks God that Philip was baptized and Chaun Man transferred to MCMC on this special day.