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The Mennonite Centre is a home in Toronto for people of all backgrounds and generations who wish to pursue their interest in the Mennonite faith and its social concerns. The Mennonite Centre Library serves this purpose by offering resources in such areas as Mennonite theology, pacifism, history,sociology, biography, literature, fiction and genealogy. It currently houses around 1200 volumes. In addition, the collection includes video and audio-tapes,academic journals, magazines, historical society newsletters and Mennonite newspapers.

The Mennonite Centre Library is located in the St. Clair O'Connor Community Centre, a multi-generational residential facility that originated as a Mennonite project. It is primarily a reference library, with limited borrowing privileges.There is a photocopier on site.

The Mennonite Centre Library welcomes individuals or small school groups from the elementary to secondary school levels, university and college students, genealogists,and historians. The volunteer staff includes individuals who are knowlegeable in many areas of Mennonite history and experience.


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